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Non-Toxic Air Fresheners: Safer Alternatives That Work ... - organic natural room fresheners pdfs , Have you heard the shocking truth about air fresheners? Protect your family from harmful chemicals and choose these safer, non-toxic air fresheners today! You know what I love? How our sense of smell is tied so much to our memory. The power of certain scents and fragrances to transport you all the way back to another place, in another time - it's pretty amazing, isn't it?8 DIY Room Sprays - Natural Air Freshener Sometimes you'd like to mask a certain lingering foul odor, other times you just want to make your home smell absolutely delicious. Either way, it's easy create your own personalized room scent with one of these delightful homemade combinations. Do you ever walk past a garden of blooming lilacs and ...

8 Natural DIY Air Freshener Ideas

Before reaching for an air freshener that may contain potentially harmful ingredients to you and the planet (and yes, even some of the so-called "natural" air fresheners are a concern as well), take a deep breath and consider using a do-it-yourself, green alternative.

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DIY Natural Room Freshener - A Beautiful Mess

I don't typically buy many air freshener products from the cleaning aisle at the grocery store because they tend to be full of chemicals, which is the opposite of what I want in my home. Today I experimented further with my original recipe and came up with some fun (and pretty!) options for natural room sprays using essential oils!

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10 Homemade Air Freshener Recipes | The Prairie Homestead

These homemade air freshener recipes are awesome because: a) They are all-natural and allow you to experience the health benefits of essential oils at the same time. b) They don't smell fake like commercial air fresheners do. c) It's cheap to mix them up. d) You can play around with scents and find what you like the best.

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